Greenbrier Village

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Nursing/Memory Care


The Homes of Greenbrier


Not Your Typical Nursing Home

Our journey at Greenbrier has led us to create Oklahoma’s first “Welcome Home” project. Home happens when the person, place, relationships, and pleasures of daily living come together in a unique protective identity that we all recognize. We walk into our house and we close the door and we are safe. We kick off our shoes and drop our coat. We can do what we want. We start the teakettle as we begin preparing a meal with whatever we find in the pantry. The phone rings and we pick it up and visit as we wait for the kids to come home. It is our world. We help shape it, our love and energy maintain it.

At the Homes of Greenbrier, Residents plan what their home will look like. They plan when and what they will order from The Rose Garden Café. It is the resident’s choice to join in the weekly household planning or the daily household gathering.

Services and Amenities Provided
  • Two on-site medical directors
  • Menu style dining
  • Full-time director of Nursing
  • On-site dietician
  • 24-hour medical staff with nurse leaders
  • Fulltime licensed Life Enrichment Guides
  • Licensed Administrator
  • Beauty Salon
  • Call Light System
  • On-site Physical Therapy
  • Private Rooms
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Services
  • Private and Semi private rooms available
  • On site Xray technician
  • Pharmacy
  • A Home specializing in Memory Support (Rogers)

Nursing Memory Care Leadership Team

Katy Cerezo, Administrator
Carmen Fore, Director of Nursing
Jim Thorpe, Move-in Coordinator
Mike Weatherford, Marketing Coordinator & Family Guide
Syd Smith RD-C, Greenbrier Dietician
Barbara Tate, Greenbrier Village Dietary Manager
Jacque Voth, Finance, Bookkeeping & Purchasing
Kay Grey, Lisa Scott & Sherie Jones, Human Resources Directors
Jennifer Vickers, Rheadonna Lorenz, Deborah Cribley, Renee Turner & Amber Walters, Life Enrichment Coaches

1119 E. Garriott Rd. Enid, OK 73701

For detailed information on rates and availability, contact Jim Thorpe or Lisa Scott at
580) 233-0121.


Katy Cerezo


Carmen Fore


Mike Weatherford


Syd Smith


Barbara Tate


Jacque Voth


Front: Jennifer Vickers, Rheadonna Lorenz & Deborah Cribley


Back: Renee Turner & Amber Walters


Kay Grey, Lisa Scott & Sherie Jones