When Experience Counts


A Temporary Stay With Lasting Results

Greenbrier Village is committed to providing their residents and patients with quality care in their 27,000 sq. ft. Skilled Nursing Facility. This facility is both spacious and beautiful. With the understanding that people recuperate better in a comfortable, homelike environment, we have created that very setting. This facility is warm and inviting with spacious rooms, a beautiful dining room, and a sunroom for patients to relax and visit with their friends and family members.

It is important to have skilled professionals who are committed to the rehabilitative process and who understand the importance of meeting the total needs of all patients.

What Sets Greenbrier Skilled Nursing Apart From The Rest

  • Our 24/7 Admission Policy
  • Our proven record of quality performance and satisfaction
  • Our excellent management and staffing ratios
  • Our nationally trained Life Enrichment & Family Guides
  • Real time analytics in use every week at QA meeting

Greenbrier Skilled Specialties

  • Orthopedics (fractures and replacements)
  • Back and neck except spinal fusion
  • Cervical spinal fusion
  • Combined anterior posterior spinal fusion
  • Double joint replacement of the lower extremity
  • Fractures femur and hip/pelvis
  • Hip ad femur procedures except major joint
  • Lower extremity and humorous procedures
  • Major joint replacement of lower extremity
  • Major joint replacement of upper extremity
  • Spinal fusion (non-cervical)
  • Other: COPD, Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure
  • Urinary Tract Infection, Sepsis and Stoke

Our Experienced Leadership

Dr. Thomas Snyder, Facility Physician
Bobbie Jo Sutton, Director of Nursing
Dan & Lisa Burchell, Therapy Team Director
Lori Waken, Family Guide & Skilled Mentor

You choose your doctor. You choose your hospital. Why not choose the right Skilled Nursing Facility?
715 S. 10th Street Enid, OK 73703
(580) 242-5104

Skilled leaders at Greenbrier Village

What Dr. Tom Snyder Bring to the Table at Greenbrier Village

  • Dr. Snyder has a 30+ year history with Greenbrier Village.
  • As the Medical Director, he sees residents/patients at both The Homes of Greenbrier and Greenbrier’s Skilled Nursing facility.
  • He has an exceptional relationship with the staff at both facilities
  • He makes rounds at Skilled 3-4 times a week. He makes on-site visits and is never late on regulatory rounds. There is no need to transport a resident/patient to the physician’s office. Dr. Snyder comes to them.
  • Dr. Snyder sees patients at Greenbrier in a clinic environment. His patients at Greenbrier do not have to be transported to his office to be seen.
  • His presence ensures an exceptional continuity of care in the hospital, at Skilled and at our nursing center.
  • Skilled services are always followed by Dr. Snyder.
Skilled leaders at Greenbrier Village