When Experience Counts

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Intergenerational relationships are incredibly unique and valuable for all parties involved. Older adults offer beautiful glances into the past, while children contribute laughter and simplicity to the relationship. No relationship is more treasured than the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents.

However, it can sometimes be challenging to think of activities to do together that are fun and age-appropriate for everyone involved. So here is a list of fun activities to do with your grandparents.

Around the House 

Head Outside 

Around the Town 

Spending time with our grandchildren is vital as we age. But, whatever you do, remember that the most important thing is quality time spent together making memories. Greenbrier Village is uniquely designed to provide the most appropriate level of housing and services through each of its five levels of care. We invite you to explore our website to learn about living options, services, and amenities that you or your loved one can enjoy. Call us at 580-233-8993 today!