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When it comes to senior living, safety is paramount. At Greenbrier Village, we understand the importance of providing our residents with a secure and comfortable environment. One of the significant concerns in senior living communities is the risk of falls, which can lead to severe injuries and reduced quality of life. We have implemented various strategies to prevent falls and promote safety in our assisted living, independent living, and memory support services to address this issue.

Creating a Safe Haven for Seniors

As a premier senior living community, Greenbrier Village is committed to ensuring that our residents can age in place with the utmost peace of mind. Our multifaceted approach to senior safety involves the following strategies:

1. Fall Risk Assessments

Upon admission, each resident undergoes a comprehensive fall risk assessment. This evaluation considers factors such as physical health, medications, and mobility limitations. By identifying those at higher risk of falling, we can tailor their care and assistance accordingly.

2. Thoughtfully Designed Living Spaces

Our commitment to safety extends to the physical environment. We’ve designed our living spaces with seniors in mind, minimizing tripping hazards and ensuring that walkways are well-lit and clear. Handrails are strategically placed to provide additional support.

3. Exercise and Physical Activity

Staying active is a crucial component of fall prevention. Greenbrier Village offers exercise programs and recreational activities catering to our residents’ varying abilities and interests. Regular exercise helps maintain strength and balance, reducing the likelihood of falls.

4. Medication Management

Medication errors can lead to dizziness and falls. Our experienced staff provides medication management services, ensuring residents receive their prescribed medications correctly and on schedule.

5. Personalized Care Plans

No two residents are the same, and their care plans shouldn’t be either. Greenbrier Village creates personalized care plans that address each individual’s unique needs and risks. This customized approach ensures that residents receive the support and assistance necessary to prevent falls.

Fall prevention and safety are paramount in senior living communities and Greenbrier Village takes these concerns seriously. Our proactive strategies, thoughtful design, and personalized care empower our residents to enjoy their golden years without the fear of falling.

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