When Experience Counts

Prior generations of seniors didn’t have many choices. Most older adults lived in their family home until it became unsafe. If an older adult could no longer live in a loved one or their own home safely and confidently, a nursing home was the only choice. 

Modern-day options like independent living communities, age-restricted apartments, competent in-home care, and readily available assisted living facilities did not exist decades ago. As a result, most older adults today have an abundance of choices.   

For today’s seniors, retirement means a new start, independence, and freedom, with facilities now delivering those same benefits like:

True Independence

Almost all of the modern-day options for senior living revolve around the idea of choice. This means that seniors want to choose between different levels of care, dining options, residential finishes, and much more.

Active seniors demand complete control over their own lives, so senior citizen homes are constantly looking for ways to add more options.

Trips and Outings

Available and trusted transportation is now a given for older adults. Senior communities offer transportation services to doctor’s appointments and places like the grocery store. In addition, seniors enjoy going on day trips for entertainment purposes. Most senior communities now offer excursions to fun destinations like sports events, dinner theaters, art museums, and fine dining.

Home, Laundry, and Cleaning Services 

With today’s involved seniors wanting their independence, most senior citizen homes now offer house cleaning, laundry, and home maintenance as optional services. Most seniors have a busy calendar, and either don’t have the time or the physical capability to perform these services. 

Physical Fitness

Fitness and wellness are a priority for modern-day seniors. Fitness centers top the list, with most communities offering and supporting the physical health of their residents through fitness classes and up-to-date fitness facilities.

If you walk into senior living communities today, you shouldn’t be surprised to see state-of-the-art treadmills, well-kept walking paths, swimming pools, and aerobics classes.

An Eye on Covid

While a COVID-19 vaccine is now available, most facilities are being proactive in our safety protocols. Greenbrier Village continues to monitor the Centers for Disease Control best practices for long-term care and adjust our sanitizing protocols and infection control with the utmost safety of our residents in mind. 

Greenbrier Village offers several levels of senior care, including the independent living facility, called Burgundy Place. As society ages, senior needs become more specific,  which is why we created an environment that allows you to experience a dignified and purposeful life. Visit us at GreenbrierVillage.org and check out Burgundy Place for more information on our independent living.