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Choosing the right method of care for an aging parent or loved one can be difficult. With all the types of care out there, from independent living facilities to assisted living, you may be overwhelmed by the idea of choosing the right option. You want to balance the wants and needs of your loved ones while providing them the correct level of support and care for them. One of the most confusing terms you might hear is “skilled nursing.” What is it, and how is it any different from the care you would be getting from any nurse?

Skilled nursing
 is a service offered and provided only by licensed medical professionals, such as registered nurses or specialized therapists (speech, physical, occupational, etc.). These services can be short- or long-term depending on the patient receiving the care. Skilled nurses are authorized to provide care for conditions such as:

Wound Care
IV Therapy
Catheter Care
Physical Therapy
Observing/Evaluating Conditions. 
Managing Medical Equipment. 

Skilled Nursing facilities are typically temporary when treating conditions (strokes, physical therapy) or post-treatment care. While certain organizations may offer skilled nursing services at home or at assisted living facilities, some organizations like Skilled Nursing at Greenbrier Village have an entire facility for patients to recover in, depending on the level of licensing the facility has obtained.


While assisted living and skilled nursing facilities provide constant security, supervision, support, and personal care, it is possible that the level of care a patient needs may exceed what the facility is licensed or authorized to give. In these cases, it may be best to consider moving your loved one to a nursing or memory care facility suited for their needs. Skilled nursing can be provided in any kind of setting, however, it must be ordered by a doctor and covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance, or veterans benefits. 

Greenbrier Village is committed to providing its residents and patients with quality care in their beautiful Skilled Nursing facility. Our professionals understand that our patients recover best in a homelike setting, and so we have designed our space to be warm, inviting, and welcoming. Our skilled nursing professionals specialize in conditions such as orthopedic fractures and replacements, COPD, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infections, sepsis, and strokes. Our 24/7 admission policy means that you are guaranteed the best care exactly when you need it, and our multiple Oklahoma locations mean you’re never far from high-quality care. Visit our website to learn more information or see our contact page to find a location near you.